Explore our Powertrack FAQs to find answers to common questions about our innovative Powertrack system. From energising to installation, module selection, and reusability, we provide comprehensive information. Powertrack offers fast installation, easy connections, and durable modules. Discover our free design service, cost-saving reuse option, and flexible lease or purchase choices.

Powertrack Installation

How do I energize my Powertrack system?

Your Powertrack system simply plugs into a 10kVa or 5kVa transformer, all you’ll need is 2 spare 16amp female outlets for your Powertrack starter module to plug into.

Who installs Powertrack?

Powertrack can be installed and modified by any competently trained person, upon delivery of your Powertrack system one of our team will offer to attend site to carry out a training session with your site team and remain available should you require any additional training throughout your project. We always recommend that the person installing, modifying or removing Powertrack has read and understood our User and Safety Guidance information. We would advise a specific risk assessment is undertaken to identify and mitigate any safety risks.

How fast is the installation of Powertrack?

Very fast. Around 100 Meters of Powertrack be installed within 15 minutes. It’s also worth noting that as Powertrack can be installed and modified by your trained onsite team any modifications or alterations can take place within minutes with no delays or call out costs.

Should I fix Powertrack down?

Yes. There are fixing points at either end of our modules, and we recommend fixing a module every 4-5 meters. We can also supply you with the Powertrack fixing bracket with can be used on projects with floors that can’t be drilled or fixed into.

How do I know what Powertrack modules I need?

We provide a free Powertrack design and cost service with the aim of issuing proposals within 48 hours of receipt of project drawings. Our proposals include an initial design and cost break down and once issued we’re more than happy to attend site to survey your project and review our design with you to ensure what we’ve proposed meets your Project requirements.

How many lights and power outlets do I need?

Both the quantity of lighting and power modules will be included within our design proposal, but as general rule of thumb we advise a lighting modules every 4.5 meters and power module every 12.5 Meters.

Do you supply Emergency lighting?

Powertrack lighting modules come in 2 types: standard and emergency. The emergency lighting has 1 hour of battery back up (3 hour option available) in the event of a power failure. Emergency lights can be identified by a green neon indicator switch.

How long can a single Powertrack run be?

90 Meters. As part of our design we can include recommend Transformer locations and will ensure that no Powertrack run exceeds our 90 meter rule.

How do I take Powertrack in different directions?

Our 4-way module can be used for all 90 degree turns in 4 directions. Our Slinky module allows you to take Powertrack in any angle, direction, or level change. We can also supply you with right angle, left angle and tee’s to ensure your Powertrack system meet’s your exact requirements.

How are the modules connected to each other, do I need tools?

A very simple push in connector, the only tool you’ll require is a Phillips screwdriver for fixing the modules down.

Can I plug my tools into Powertrack?

Yes – our Power Module provides a 16amp power outlet for your tools.

Are the modules tough enough for site?

Extremely! Powertrack modules are rated IP65 IP2X, so they are highly resistant to dust and low water pressure. They can also take heavy loads (site traffic) and we advise up to 5000kg single point load for standard modules and 300kg single point load for lighting modules. Powertrack is made from high grade virgin polyurethane and is designed to be used on project after project.

Being floor run, how will I access underfloor services?

With Powertrack being only 258mm in width our product is very unintrusive and takes up less space than half of standard floor tile. As part of our design service where happy to co-ordinate a design with your underfloor services to ensure the layout we proposal minimises any clashes with access to your underfloor services.

Can I turn off Powertrack at the end of the day?

You can, our Starter modules can be supplied with an On/Off switch that turns off all standard lighting whist keeping the emergency lights on whilst still receiving charge.

Powertrack Re-use

What do I do with Powertrack at the end of my project?

You simply call or email the Powertrack team at powertrack@ten47.com and as part of our reuse service we collect, clean, repair and store your modules for you between projects for you.

Is Powertrack reusable?

100%! Every part of Powertrack is designed to be packed away at the end of your project and used again and again! When your finished with your system we collect, clean and store your modules as part our reuse service, then when your due to start your next project you simply send us a set of drawings, a delivery date and address and we put together a design utilising your Powertrack stock and deliver to site exactly what you need, whilst providing training should your onsite team need it.

How much does the Reuse service cost?

To collect, clean and store your module we charge only £5.00 per module. This is 62% cheaper than conventional temps creating excellent savings.

Powertrack Value for Money

Can I lease Powertrack or is it purchase only?

Powertrack can be leased or purchased. The great benefit of our leases is that they come with a 3-month end of project purchase option.
This purchase option enables to you to pay the remaining purchase balance of your modules on your second Powertrack project and split the costs between Project A and Project B.

Is Powertrack good value for money?

It’s excellent value for money. With conventional temps you place an order on almost every project with the value of this order increasing significantly through the course of the project due to call outs and variations. With Powertrack you’re leasing or purchasing a system that you will own, meaning that after your initial investment your only costs associated with Powertrack is our £5.00 reuse service, no call outs, no variations, no damages to ceilings or fire stopping, just savings to gained.

How long has Powertrack been on the market for?

Powertrack was launched in April 2021 and been supplied to many construction projects, including fitout, refurbishment and new builds. We’ve also supplied Powertrack to HS2, Nuclear Power stations and MOD projects.

The original Powertrack business (Novus48) was purchased by Ten 47 Ltd. in April 2023. Ten 47 was established in 2001 and is based on Kirkcaldy, Scotland. In addition to Powertrack Ten 47 offers a wide range of products including circular multipin connectors, cable assemblies, single pole power connectors and electricity network connection devices along with an expanding range of cable protector ramps.

How does the cost of Powertrack differ to conventional site temps?

When you place and order for conventional site temps you’re paying for a service that will increase in cost through out your project, then come the end of the project the conventional site temps are stripped out, thrown away and you then repeat this process on project after project getting nothing back on your spend.

When you purchase Powertrack you’re not only investing in site temps on your project but your making an investment for your next seven or eight projects as our system is designed to be reused again and again, saving you small fortune on site temps. It worth also noting that Powertrack will give you cost certainty as you’ll face no variations or call out cost with our product.